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id295St. John of Vorotan, or Hovan Vorotnetsi, was a renowned theologian, philosopher and scholar. He was the son of Prince Ivané Orbelyan of Syunik. St. John was born in the province of Vorotan. He studied at university of Gladsor. After the passing of his tutor he continued his education in Vorotanavanq.

St. John of Vorotan, St. Gregory of Tatev
Yerevan, Man. No 3295, f. 9v, Miscellany, XVIII c.

Over the years of his extensive work St. John founded the monastery of Tatev and the theological seminary of Apracunis. He fought for national and religious independence for the Armenian Church. He authored numerous philosophical works, sermons and commentaries, most of which were edited and copied (thus preventing their loss) by his great student – St. Gregory of Tatev.